ARETE - Fundacion San Lucas
ARETE - Fundacion San Lucas

USAID 09/2010 -08/2011    

 Reduction of infant- , childhood- and maternal mortality at the Province of Río San Juan

Intensify educational work in contraception in general, and in particular for adolescents, by information meetings at schools, conducted by ARETÉ´s psychologists, including unprejudiced counselling and free of charge distribution of contraceptives.   

Information about family planning and health in so called “Male Groups” , participating adolescents, young men and adults, to stress their responsibility regarding contraceptive policies and to challenge machismo, which puts women at a disadvantage.

Psychotherapy and psychological assistance to pregnant women

Information meetings and counselling all over the entire province about  prevention of prenatal and post-natal depression, pointing out psychological treatment and psychotherapy, especially in adolescent pregnancy

Introduction of a programme which assists pregnant adolescents to solve their personal, family and social problems, and to support their psychological process of coming-of-age.

A total of 3500 psychological and therapeutic attentions were conducted to 700 pregnant adolescents at the entire province.



ACDI/VOCA 2012                                 (USAID)

Training and counselling regarding Aids/HIV and family planning in district of San Carlos, Province Río San Juan

A set up of advisory centres in 20 rural communities, where counselling and information were conducted for interested parties. In each community a group of 5 parishioners, women and young people were trained to that effect by ARETE´s staff; for back up an instruction manual was handed over.

Aids/HIV                                       (USAID)

Prophylactic measures against HIV

Adolescent pregnancy

Domestic violence

Sexual violence

Equal rights

Raising children

CHF International 2012                 (USAID)

Training course for women in leadership position in the community of El Almendro

During the 2nd seminar „Diagnostic tools to investigate community situation “for women in leadership position, workshops were offered with the subject of self-assertion to a total of 25 promotors and persons in leadership position, from Villa Álvarez, La Flor, Las Bellezas, El Triunfo und El Almendro. More information meetings were conducted with the following contents: identification of the community´s basic problems due to population´s indifference, consolidation of personal appearances and professional qualification of the women in leadership position, useful tools to enable women to defend their own rights and those of all women in their communities.


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