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PANTZIN: bakery and cake  and coffee shop



Production – sale – apprenticeship

A women´s refuge never is able to do self-financing. On a long-term, no international organization is going to cover the running expenses for the building, maintenance of infra-structure, staff expenses and cost of food for the women. To pay the salaries of the staff on duty at the women´s refuge (psychologists, social workers and legal adviser), the San Lucas Foundation founded a bakery, where some of the women can pass a vocational training, giving them a chance for a personal, economical and psychological independence.  

The Foundation Heiner Kamps „Bread against misery “decided to support the bakery in San Carlos. To be able to start the project, some extensive rebuilding had to be done to the administration building of the foundation. The Foundation “Bread against Misery” made available the equipment and entire required technical material.

In 2013 started the project PANTZIN, pantzin being a word from the Náhuatl language, meaning baked bread. In the administration building, the bakery occupies an area of 340 m² with storerooms, oven sector, offices, preparation work area, showers, locker room, common room for the staff, lecture room, special area for a clay oven and a sales room with a small bistro. From the start, all expenses of the bakery like material, maintenance and repair of equipment,   salaries and scholarships for the apprentices are paid for by the bakery´s income.

Since the beginning, various master bakers and  pastry chefs worked at PANTZIN´s on behalf of  the Foundation „Bread against Misery“, in order to train the local apprentices, 4 women and 2 men, in baker´s and pastry maker´s craft.  In addition, at the town districts with poor inhabitants, the Foundation San Lucas realizes training courses in baking, to teach the women how to make healthy bread at home and thus contribute to improve nutritional habits in general.  

Now, after 2 years since the foundation, the bakery has a widespread, good reputation and can count with a regular clientele. Due to this positive development, the Foundation San Lucas counts on the opportunity to employ two more experts for the women`s refuge, within the next two years.  Beside, FSL is training women in  the production of bread  in poor districts, to  get  an income or to  improve nutrition.



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