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Future prospects

In 2017, ONG Foundation San Lucas will have to meet the challenge of a vocational training for victims of violence, as part of the integral attention. Additionally, a medical, integral and inter-institutional model of attention and prevention is planned, with emphasis on violence prevention; with the support of groups existing in the communities, subjects on machismo, myths and taboos are supposed to support a cultural change. To break and alter the family´s experience of violence, the objective is tackled with increased intensity, setting up violence prevention in schools, establishing parent´s groups and male groups. Centro ARETE, the already established integral center of assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence, and human trafficking, is the key element within the so called “Ruta crítica”, the official channel predetermined by the relevant authorities of the Dept. Río San Juan.  



Integral assistance and counselling to women, victims of domestic violence.

Admission and protection at the women´s refuge, for women and their children, subject to dangerous  situation

Arouse the population´s awareness and sensitivity regarding different kinds of domestic violence. 

Prevention of violence at school. Psychological counselling of children and adolescents with behavioural problems. Consulting for parents, educators and teachers.


Centre ARETÉ, started by the Foundation San Lucas, in San Carlos, Río San Juan, is a centre of assistance to women. Since April 2008, victims of domestic and sexual violence, and human trafficking, receive integral assistance.

    To accomplish its goals, ARETÉ´s staff, psychologists, social worker, pedagogues, a network of female promoters and a network of young person’s, execute the following activities in the communities of San Carlos, El Castillo, San Juan de Nicaragua, San Miguelito, Morrito and El Almendro:

Close co-operation with the National Police, women´s commission  of the police, public prosecutor´s office and the local court of justice; ARETÉ´s experts  write the forensic and psychosocial reports

Talks about preventing violence and conflict management at the municipal schools San Carlos, San Miguelito, El Almendro, Morrito and El Castillo.

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